Scrubber system in Egypt / air pollution control equipment in Egypt

We as a manufacturer of the fume scrubber system are prominent in the Egypt for many years, delivering unsurpassed solutions associated with the air pollution control. Despite of having a slow industrialization rate of the Egypt, it has considered in the countries facing air pollution due to the dust and small particles and the root cause determined for the pollution is industries. The use of the introduced fume scrubber system has reinforced hundreds of industries to remove such harmful pollutant and reduce the level of the air pollution to the significant extent and thusly reduce its negative impact on the human health as well as environment.

Available Scrubbers in Egypt are:

FRP scrubber, HDPE scrubber, PP/FRP scrubber, venturi scrubber, wet scrubber, chlorine scrubber, Wet Scrubber, Chemical Scrubber, Ammonia Scrubber, Chlorine Scrubber, Particulate Scrubber, Sulfuric Acid Scrubber

Cities where our scrubber system available in Egypt are:

Cairo Alexandria Giza Port Said
Suez Al Mahallah al Kubr Luxor Asyūţ
Al Manşūrah Tanda Al Fayyūm Zagazig
Ismailia Kafrad Dawwār Aswan Qinā

Note: Our Scrubber System is available in other cities of Egypt upon request, for more information request to contact us.

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