Scrubber system in Iran / air pollution control equipment in Iran

We as a manufacturer of the fume scrubber system have earned considerable reputation in Iran with our serious attempts towards the air pollution control that notably help Iran to control the air pollution, decade old issue that posses a dire risk to Iranians. The introduced approach to controlling industrial air pollution has proven its effectiveness by removing the harmful pollutants from the industrial exhaust steam and making the exhausting air absolutely environmental friendly and hence has made the air breathable for inhabitants. This scrubber system excelling in the Iran for the efficiency and potency it holds to remove the dangerous particulate.

Available Scrubbers in Iran are:

FRP scrubber, HDPE scrubber, PP/FRP scrubber, venturi scrubber, Wet Scrubber, Chemical Scrubber, Ammonia Scrubber, Chlorine Scrubber, Particulate Scrubber, Sulfuric Acid Scrubber

Cities where our scrubber system available in Iran are:

Tehran Mashhad Isfahan Karaj
Tabriz Shiraz Qom Ahvaz
Urmia Kermanshah Kashan Birjand
Rasht Nishapur

Note: Our Scrubber System is available in other cities of Iran upon request, for more information request to contact us.

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