Ludhiana, the so alleged smart city is also covered in one of the top cities in India for high level of the air pollution, which is completely unsafe for the human. Taking essential steps against makes sense to improve the air quality of the smart city and that is possible by adopting our best in class range of the Industrial scrubber. The introduced scrubber system is a smart solution to control the air pollution generated by the industries by installing the scrubber system before the exhaust stream. This scrubber catches the air stream and removes the chemical and particulate from the air and thusly purifies the air before freeing it. This scrubber system has helped to reduce the air pollution to the certain edge and that’s what has made it the most popular in Ludhiana, available in the varied types including, FRP scrubber, HDPE scrubber, PP/FRP scrubber, Venturi scrubber, wet scrubber, Chemical Scrubber, Ammonia Scrubber, Chlorine Scrubber, Particulate Scrubber, and Sulfuric Acid Scrubber.


Our whole range is ISO certified and guaranteed to execute impeccable throughout its life expectancy, without leakage and that’s made it the worthy for you, available at the best prices all across Ludhiana. The whole range of the scrubber system is available in the Amritsar, Jalandhar, Patiala, too.

Acid Scrubber in Ludhiana / Acid Gas Scrubber in Ludhiana

To give the industry a cutting edge solution associated with the air pollution control, we are here with the hugely acclaimed range of the acid scrubber in Ludhiana. Give this acid scrubber a try to remove the acid existed in the industry exhaust stream and get the best results at the apparently lower rates. The design is carried out with the highest attention to obtain the efficient scrubber system that can thoroughly refine the air at the affordable rates, along with precise sealing of the joints has remained our concern to make it truly leak free experience spanning the lifetime. The FRP material of construction makes it stronger against all types of acid and prevents from the breakage or failure and thusly can be used for any acid. We have wide options in terms of size and shape as well as a customization option in scrubber system, which is available in Ludhiana too.

Fume Scrubber in Ludhiana

The fume is a common matter to which industries need to deal with for the environmental conservation and our fume scrubber is the best investment that is has potential to control the pollution caused by the fume. By means of this fume scrubber system, it has become possible to eliminate all the hazardous gas and particles from the fume before leaving into the air and maintain the environment clean. If you want the fume scrubber for the longer life, our fume scrubber can be the best approach, which is made from the FRP material that gives it the excellent sturdiness and acid, high temperature withstand capability and thereby our fume scrubber system does not get brake or damage.

Wet Scrubber in Ludhiana

Our wet scrubber is a cost effective way to deal with the air pollution caused by the industry exhaust stream, which is configured and machined by our veteran team of the professionals with the help of the latest technology and as per the international regulations. This wet scrubber is qualified to remove all types of poisonous gases and the particles from your industry exhaust stream by subjecting the solvent liquid. The air refining accuracy and the sturdier construction are the two flagships for what it has become a famous among the Ludhiana industries. The FRP material is reasonable for the strength, whereas the quality controlled manufacturing and our expertise is the reason for its efficiency, available in the standard as well as bespoke range all across Ludhiana.

Air Pollution Control Scrubber in Ludhiana

The offered air pollution control scrubber is considerably celebrated among the industries for its ability to thoroughly purify the industry exhaust stream and help regulate the pollution. This scrubber system is designed ingeniously by our experienced team to make the industrial air refining operations truly cost effective and seamless. Further, the use of the FRP material is a one of the major aspects that makes our range of the air pollution control system robust, reliable and long-lasting even under high temperature and corrosive environments. This air pollution scrubber system is appropriate for removing all types of pollutants in the form of the gas and particles. We are affluent in terms of the facility and experience and hence well versed to provide a bespoke range of the same in Ludhiana.

Hcl Scrubber in Ludhiana

Hydrochloric Acid is no more worry for industries as we are here with a cutting edge range of the HCL scrubber in Ludhiana, which is aimed to process and eliminate HCL from the industry exhaust stream. The scrubber subjects scrubber solvent to the exhausting air for the isolation of the HCL and get pure and acid free air. The design is obtained with the highest attention towards dimensions and quality standards to make it efficient and accurate in its objective. Further, all parts are FRP molded structures, which are combined by means of the butt fusion to obtain strong and outlasting sealing for the unfailing performance across life expectancy. This HCL scrubber is also ideal for other acid removing task, available in standard as well as bespoke sizes in Ludhiana.

Sulfuric Acid Scrubber in Ludhiana

Say bye to sulfuric acid that is harmful for the human and the environment by means of our sulfuric acid scrubber that seize sulfuric acids from the industry exhaust stream and makes the air totally pure and environmentally friendly. The installation of this scrubber system wipes out your worry about the sulfuric acid byproduct and environmental hazardous, made from the quality tested FRP material to bring forth a chemically and temperature inert scrubber system that can flourish in the longer years without any damage or spillage. This also can be used to remove other acids and pollutants from the stream and get truly refined air without any hassle.

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