The increased issue associated with the air pollution has urged government to give health alter, and to slash it at safer level, we are here with a top of the line industrial scrubber that has ability to remove all types of chemicals from the industry exhaust stream and release only healthy air. The proven results after installing our industrial scrubber has increased the reliance level in Pune and also the demand for the same and owing the same, we have made our entire range available in an extensive range including, FRP scrubber, HDPE scrubber, PP/FRP scrubber, Venturi scrubber, wet scrubber, Chemical Scrubber, Ammonia Scrubber, Chlorine Scrubber, Particulate Scrubber, Sulfuric Acid Scrubber. The parts of this scrubber are made adopting advanced extrusion molding technology, whilst merged using German welding technology, making it robust against any type of chemicals (HCL, cl2, BR2, NH3, SO2, H2S, NOX) and leak proof even under rigorous conditions. The broad range of this scrubber is available in standard size as well as tailored specifications at the best rates all across Pune, other than installation and after sale service is also available.


Other than Pune, our scrubber system is available in Mumbai, Nagpur, Nashik, Thane, Pimpri, Aurangabad, Solapur, Kaylyan, Vasai, Navi Mumbai, Akola, Dhule, Jalgaon, Mira, Latur, Panvel, Ulhasnagar, Ahmednagar, Chandrapr, Parbhani, Jalna.

Acid Scrubber in Pune / Acid Gas Scrubber in Pune

Are you tired out from searching the best way for air purification, and then invest in our acid scrubber. We are a legendary manufacturer of the acid scrubber in Pune and our scrubber system is established in the market for its efficient air purifying technology. The design is carried out in the way that can catch maximum impurities from the air and give completely pure air that is ideal for the environment.  Further the FRP material used as a material endorses the scrubber system to flourish even under the corrosive and acidic environment without any failure. The system can continuously perform without any spillage issue for years and thereby it is the reliable approach for removing acid and other pollution from the industry exhaust stream.

Fume Scrubber in Pune

The fume released by the industries has determined dangerous by the WHO and the best way to deal with thereof is our fume scrubber system, which is also available in Pune. This fume scrubber is designed to eliminate all the pollutants that are unlikely to the environment and human and release completely clean air into the air. This fume scrubber is created from the FRP material, using the molding and butt fusion welding to obtain the long lasting structure, which requires to be installed ahead of the industry exhaust stream, the scrubber system simply catches the impurities from the fume and only entitles the pure air to pass through the industry exhaust stream. The FRP material of construction makes our fume scrubber system studier, reliable and long-lasting, giving you the far better results at the cost effective rates. Available across Pune in standard as well as custom made sizes as per your needs at the best prices.

Wet Scrubber in Pune

We as scrubber system manufacturer bring forth the wet scrubber system in Pune, giving you the affordable and reliable way to control the air pollution caused by the industry air. This wet scrubber subjects the solvent with the exhaust stream in order to isolate the pollutants in the form of the gas or particles and obtain the clean air. Our wet scrubber system is engineered with the top of the line molding and welding technology to obtain the robust scrubber system that does not leak or spill even under the harshest conditions. Further, the FRP material imparts a considerable strength the scrubber system that promise long lasting performance over the years. We are well versed enough to provide this wet scrubber in the variety of specifications to match your exact need at the rock bottom prices in Pune.

Air Pollution Control Scrubber in Pune

Our air pollution control scrubber has engraved notable position in the market for delivering the best returns on the investment, which helps you effectively eliminate all the pollutants in the form of gas or particulate. The system is configured obeying the international quality standard outlined by the government bodies and hence shares the highest quality in terms of effectiveness and the efficiency. The entire body of this air pollution control scrubber is created from the FRP material and adopting the molding technology and thereby is suitable to operate even under the harshest conditions. The butt welded joints performs superiorly without detaching and thusly ensures the spillage experience throughout the life span. This air pollution control scrubber in Pune can be availed in assorted size as well as custom made sizes.

HCL Scrubber in Pune

We give you an affordable way to remove the HCL byproduct from the industry exhaust stream in terms of the HCL scrubber, which is very popular among the industries and same is available now in Pune at the most competitive rates. This HCL scrubber system removes the HCL in the form of gas as well as particulate and delivers completely HCL and other pollutant free air that is ideal to release in the environment. Our scrubber system is machined from the top grade FRP material and hence has unmatched withstand capability against the corrosive nature of the HCL that apparently exudes a long life expectancy of our entire range of the HCL scrubber. We are experienced and proficient in customizing the HCL scrubber as per your requirement, other than the standard range, both are available in Pune at the best prices.

Sulfuric Acid Scrubber in Pune

The sulfuric acid is highly corrosive chemical and the control of thereof is paramount and that is possible with the help of our sulfuric acid scrubber, which is now available in Pune. This scrubber is meant to purify the industry exhaust stream by removing the sulfuric acid and other impurities with the utmost accuracy. This scrubber system needs to fit before the industry exhaust stream so as the air gets purified ahead of releasing into the environment. Our sulfuric acid scrubber system is configured with the utmost care towards the international quality standards and engineered with the utmost care towards the quality of FRP material, dimensions and welding to get nothing but the topmost quality of the scrubber system that can deliver way better output at the low rates. Other than sulfuric acid, this FRP scrubber system can be used for any type of acid or pollutant without any doubt, available in the manifold dimensions and bespoke one at the low rates across Pune.

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