We offer service and support where customers are looking for it.

Our focus is to provide an array of service to help you select, install, operate and boost the equipment output. Other than, we frequently visit your site to update the existing scrubber system to meet todays evolving operational conditions and performance needs.

Additionally, we have the expertise and experience to evaluate your scrubber systems performance and efficiency. We come to your place and evaluate your current equipment configuration, liquid stream and pressure drops in order to assess the possibilities for improvement.

Service and support you can expect from us includes:

  • Complete systems evaluations
  • Mechanical equipment review and evaluation
  • Equipment refurbishing
  • Equipment rebuilding
  • Technical training
  • Maintenance training

Support Team

We have developed a team of experts available 24/7 to provide high quality support and service to ensure customer service concerns regarding the scrubber can be answered promptly and effectively. Whether you have a small concern or a serious one, our support team is able to ingeniously help you out through phone, chat or email.


Because we know your scrubber system profoundly, we have proven to be the best resource for parts. We carry an extensive line of replacement parts for your scrubber system and keep high wear items, incorporating pumps, valves, fans, spray nozzle, packing, vanes and analogous one in stock enabling us to make it reach to you in a timely manner to reduce the downtime at the best.

So now if you are in quest of spare parts, equipment service or complete system rebuilds no need to bother. We are available wherever you want, to benefit our support and service drop a line today.

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