We manufacturer, supplier and exporter of the HDPE scrubber system are well liked in the local as well as global industries for proposing cutting edge solution associated with their air pollution control need. Our solutions are influential against the air pollution and therefore are overwhelmingly adopted in the industries to fight against the pollutant causing air pollution. Further, the reasonable rates and the ability to eliminate the pollutant thoroughly make it the indispensable part of the thousands of industries.

Needless to say that industrialization is a pillar of development of the economy of any country that is liable for the certain negative outcomes together with the positive one and that is air pollution. The matter of worrying is, it increases at the alarming rate and is responsible for the health and environmental threats, whilst good side is, it can be controlled by introducing an effective governance system.


The provided HDPE scrubber system is effective in controlling any type of pollutant, be it fume, gas or particulate at once only and has proven its worthiness in thousands of industries by removing pollutant efficiently spanning the life, with little to no need of the maintenance.

What is HDPE Scrubber System?

The HDPE scrubber system is an exclusively designed scrubber system to provide cost effective alternative to the industries to deal with the pollutants existed in the air exhaust stream. This scrubber system made employing the high density polypropylene material to give the lowest cost, yet high strength alternative to the FRP scrubber system. The design of the provided scrubber system remains same and hence the efficiency and ability that HDPE scrubber system shares for removing the fume, gas or particulate at once from the industrial air exhaust steam is undoubtedly outstanding, thanks to the well versed designers and their dedication toward their task. HDPE is known for strength, excellence against corrosion, high temperature, high pressure, lightweight and of course the lower cost that makes the provided HDPE scrubber system ideal to use with water as well as chemicals. The system that is used to remove pollutant injecting water in the air exhaust stream is known as the wet scrubber system, on the other side scrubber system used to remove pollutant injecting chemical is known as the chemical scrubber system.

Whichever type of the HDPE scrubber system user is looking for, we manufacturer of the scrubber system are qualified to deliver it at the most competitive rates that must entice them to invest in. The end range of the scrubber system and HDPE chemical process equipment is achieved by executing proven manufacturing processes in accordance to industry standards and performing repetitive tests against specific quality parameters. This has become possible for the top of the line facilities we hold and prowess we have in the scrubber system technology and that impart confidence in us to rest assured customer about the efficiency of the provided HDPE scrubber and venturi scrubber and stupendous performance competency under tough conditions.

To make it accessible to the widest range of the industries, we have made it available in the miscellaneous specifications, each is designed precisely and shares dimensional stability to perform unfailingly all through the lifespan. The core parts covered in with the provided HDPE scrubber system are scrubbing vessel, ductwork, fan system, mist eliminator, pumping; spend scrubbing liquid treatment and an exhaust stack, made from the HDPE material to make the entire construction sturdy and maintenance free and ultimately deliver you the joyful experience of the HDPE scrubber system.

Principal aspects of our HDPE Scrubber System:

  • Designed to provide clog free experience across lifespan
  • No extra maintenance required, thank to the HDPE material
  • Meets all the ISO 9001:2008 standards
  • Well balanced structure ensures impeccable performance
  • Performs excellently against high temperature and pressure
  • Corrosion resilient and hence deliver a rust free experience
  • Light weight reduces overall cost of handling
  • Ingenious design ensures low power and water requirement
  • The low cost of the material makes entire construction cost efficient

For us Customers take center stage and therefore we provide customization:

To match with the heterogeneity of consumer needs, we manufacturer of the HDPE scrubber system / chemical process equipment comes with the customized solutions that not only fulfills your requirements, but also deliver true customer value to accomplish competitive advantage on the investment. That delineates our seriousness towards our customers and our emphasis to do it in a profitable way.Customers looking for customized HDPE scrubber system / air pollution control equipment are requested to provide the below mentioned parameters, which are decisive to outline customized wet scrubber system or drawing:

  • The pollutant need to deal with
  • Required efficiency of the removal
  • The flow rate of the waste stream
  • Temperature of the waste stream
  • Concentration of pollutants in the waste stream

Note: We HDPE scrubber/ chemical process equipment manufacturer hold massive years of experience and capabilities to engineer a wet scrubber system that efficiently meets your requirements. We can provide this scrubber in variegated designs and a full range of sizes as well. Our scrubbers can be supplied in FRP, HDPE or PP/FRP material.

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