We as a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of the chlorine scrubber have established a strong position in the domestic as well as international industries for introducing an innovative way to deal with chlorine, one of the highly produced by product in the industries. The ability to efficiently eliminate chlorine from the exhaust stream in a cost effective manner and virtually no maintenance requirement are some of the best features of our chlorine scrubber that has made it the ideal scrubber in the industries to effectively control the emission of chlorine gas.

The chlorine gas is naturally available in the environment and it has not such adverse effect on the environment; however the drastic increase in the industrialization has increased the level of the chlorine in the environment, which is beyond the threshold limit value and thereof is worrisome for the environment, humans and other organism too.


The provided chlorine scrubber system helps industries to control the emission of the chlorine gas in the air and thus reduce the environmental pollution caused by thereof. The thousands of industries approaching to our chlorine scrubber are unspoken evidence of its effectiveness, you also can be a part of environmental conservation, by adopting our technology to control the emission of chlorine gas.

What is Chlorine Scrubber System?

The chlorine scrubber system is a type of chemical scrubber that is used by the industries to control the emission of the chlorine gas, in which chemical is injected into the liquid from that reacts chemically with the gaseous pollutants and remove it from the exhausting air stream.

What is a Chlorine scrubber / chemical scrubber?

We as a manufacturer of the chlorine scrubber system has designed the system to effectively deal with the chlorine gas. Owing the toxicity of the chlorine gas and the alkaline liquid solution like soda ash or caustic are used as neutralizing agent in the system, the highest attention is paid off on the material employed in the construction of the scrubber and the efficiency of the end product in order to deliver the 100% satisfaction to the end user in terms of its performance as well as its durability. The entire scrubber system is made of the FRP/HDPE material in synchronization with the set industry standards as well as the application requirements outlined by the end user in order to deliver the range of the chlorine scrubber system and industrial process equipment that outperform unfailingly for the many years. The use of cutting edge technology and the quality controlled processes empower us to obtain an absolutely elite range of the chlorine scrubber that is qualified to efficiently remove the chlorine in a cost effective manner and deliver the highest level of satisfaction to the end user.

This chlorine scrubber system we have made available in the broad range of the specification to match the ranging requirements of the variegated industries. All the scrubbers are assured of high quality and reliability. The major parts of this chlorine scrubber incorporated are scrubbing vessel, ductwork, fan system, mist eliminator, pumping; spend scrubbing liquid treatment and an exhaust stack to accomplish the air purification operation precisely in compliance with the environmental regulation. The range of the ammonia scrubber is broadly acknowledged for the impeccable and efficient operation it provides spanning the lifetime.

Principal aspects of our Chlorine scrubber / chemical scrubber:

  • The scrubber system has easy to operate due to simple design
  • Designed in compliance with ISO 9001:2008 standards
  • Capable to remove 100% chlorine efficiently
  • Sturdy construction ensures longer service life
  • Excellent against high pressure and temperature
  • Good withstand capability against corrosion
  • Low energy solution to control chlorine emission
  • Light in weight hence easy to install
  • Virtually no maintenance required

For us Customers take center stage and therefore we provide customization:

We manufacturer of the chlorine scrubber emphasize on the importance of putting the customer first and therefore comes with a tailor made solution for the customers to deliver 100% satisfaction. We begin the manufacturing keeping the detailed requirements in mind and strive hard to bring in the end product at the best. Customers looking for customized chlorine scrubber system / air pollution control equipment are requested to provide the below mentioned parameters, which are decisive to outline customized wet scrubber system:

  • The pollutant need to deal with
  • Required efficiency of the removal
  • The flow rate of the waste stream
  • Temperature of the waste stream
  • Concentration of pollutants in the waste stream

Note: We chlorine scrubber/ chemical process equipment manufacturer hold massive years of experience and capabilities to engineer a wet scrubber system that efficiently meets your requirements. We can provide this chlorine, FRP scrubber in variegated designs and a full range of sizes as well. Our scrubbers can be supplied in FRP, HDPE or PP/FRP material.

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