We manufacturer, supplier and exporter of the particulate scrubber/ dust scrubber have established a strong position worldwide as a scrubber expert. The well defined construction of this particulate scrubber enables it to specific particulate matter present in the industrial exhaust stream, which is a big treat to both the environment and human health and thusly help industries to control pollution caused by the particulate matter. We are pride for the efficiency our particulate scrubber shares and also for the popularity it has gained in the industries for the same.

Seemingly, we believe that particulate matter is not harmful; however the size of the particles is directly connected to the potential for causing health problems. Smaller the size of the particles, larger the risk of health associated problems, exposure to such particulates means an invitation to the lungs and heart problems. The determined cause of this pollution is rapid industrialization that has exerted a deep influence on the environment and therefore consideration for its control is significant.


The provided particulate scrubber system helps you fight against pollution caused by particulate / dust, which eliminates the particulate /dust existed in the exhaust stream and ensures to release 100% pure air in the environment. The efficiency and ability to remove particulate/ dust at the considerably low cost, it has become the first choice of the industries struggling with thereof.

What is Particulate Scrubber/ Dust Scrubber?

The particulate scrubber is type of wet scrubber, in which water is injected into the exhaust stream. The liquid droplets of the water catch particulates of the exhaust stream and strips down into the sump, whilst the purified air released into the open air.

What is a Particulate scrubber / dust scrubber?

We as a manufacturer of the particulate scrubber works untiringly to accomplish our object that is to deliver highly reliable, long term scrubber system with low maintenance requirements. The provided particulate scrubber / dust scrubber is engineered with the highest attention to the industry standards under strict watchfulness of the qualified engineers in order to meet the objective. Our adherence to use only quality tested HDPE/FRP material and testing end products repetitively against outline parameter gives us a confidence to pledge for the consistent, efficient and impeccable operation of the introduced particulate scrubber. However water is used to eliminate particulate, corrosive air stream, high temperature, high pressure are the factors which we have taken into account while selecting the material of construction in order to impart influential scrubber that outperforms in any harshest conditions flawlessly. Further, the light weight of thisĀ  industrial process equipment i.e. particulate scrubber/ dust scrubber reduces the cost of transport and installation, thanks to the high strength to low weight characteristic of the material used. The range is overwhelmed in the industries for not only efficiently eliminate particulates, but also to achieve it a low pressure drop, low water usage and low maintenance.

The introduced particulate scrubber / dust scrubber is ranging in the variety of specifications and materials to comply with the specific requirements of the various industries. However, the parts incorporated in the system remain common, which are chlorine scrubber incorporated are scrubbing vessel, ductwork, fan system, mist eliminator, pumping; spend scrubbing liquid treatment and an exhaust stack to eliminate the particulate / dust following the environmental standards. All the parts are quality tested and assured of highest long lasting performance all through and surplus equipment is available on the customer requirement.

Principal aspects of our Particulate scrubber/ Dust Scrubber:

  • Easy to fit in small space, thanks to ingenious design
  • The well defined construction enables easy operating
  • Rock hard construction ensures maintenance free performance
  • Strongly complies to ISO 9001:2008 standards
  • Made adopting cutting edge technology to ensure efficiency
  • Excellent against high temperature and pressure
  • Corrosion salient aspect ensures rust free life
  • Cost efficient approach to remove particulate / dust

For us Customers take center stage and therefore we provide customization:

We aim to deliver the tailor made solution to the customer and translate the product into stronger customer loyalty; we continually work on delivering customized solutions that produce valuable results. We manufacturer of the particulate scrubber system bring together our expertise and capabilities to offer exclusively developed solution for your stated requirements. Customers looking for a customized particulate FRP scrubber system / air pollution control equipment are requested to provide the below mentioned parameters, which are decisive to outline customized wet scrubber system:

  • The pollutant need to deal with
  • Required efficiency of the removal
  • The flow rate of the waste stream
  • Temperature of the waste stream
  • Concentration of pollutants in the waste stream

Note: We particulate scrubber/ dust scrubber / chemical process equipment manufacturer hold massive years of experience and capabilities to engineer a wet scrubber system that efficiently meets your requirements. We can provide this scrubber in variegated designs and a full range of sizes as well. Our scrubbers can be supplied in FRP, HDPE or PP/FRP material.

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