We manufacturer, supplier and exporter of the sulfuric acid scrubber are well appreciated in the industries for the cost effective solution we introduce at the cost effective rate. The introduced sulfuric acid scrubber is among the one that is excelling in the industries for efficiently removing the sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide from the industrial exhaust stream, one of the highly produced deadly byproducts in the manufacturing processes that is obligatory required to eliminate from the exhaust stream to control the acid rain and significant deterioration of the environment as well as human health.

The mother of the sulfuric acid is determined the sulfur dioxide liberating from thousands of industries that gradually converted into the sulfur trioxide, which thereafter reacts with water existed in the air to form sulfuric acid. The produced acid remains in the air for the specific time and removed in the form of acid rain at specific time that is extremely harmful to the ecosystem. Whilst, high concentrated sulfur dioxide can dreadfully affect the respiratory and cardiovascular system of the human and therefore is not accepted at any cost. The provided sulfuric acid scrubber system is exclusively designed, knowing the nature of the sulfuric dioxide and hence is effective in the controlling of the same, manifested from its intensifying demand in the local as well as global industries.

What is sulfuric acid scrubber system?

This is a type of the chemical wet scrubber system, wherein elimination of the sulfuric acid addressed by introducing a sodium hydroxide solution in the liquid form to the gas exhaust stream that react with the sulfur dioxide that function as the base to neutralize the acid, wherein mist eliminator is equipped to eliminate water vapor.

What is Sulfuric Acid Scrubber/ chemical scrubber?

The introduced sulfuric acid scrubber is designed for compliance the acid removal requirements of the industries emitting sulfuric based substances as a byproduct. The removal of such sulfuric substances at the utmost efficiency is the aim of our introduced scrubber system, thanks to the closely designed and precision engineering, enabling the provided sulfuric scrubber system to abate the threat of the sulfuric acid by means of the sodium hydroxide. Considering the context and the nature of the acids, this scrubber system is made of exemplary quality FRP/HDPE material, which has proven its effectiveness against harsh chemicals, corrosion, high temperature and high pressure. The ability our sulfuric acid FRP scrubber holds is a bottom-line of our caution towards the precision and the set industry standards that are essential to obtain reliability, quality and performance ability, essential to execute air purification at low cost.

This sulfuric acid scrubber is available in the broadest portfolio of the specifications, so as a customer can adopt the one that best fits in capturing sulfur dioxide emissions produced and to accomplish scrubbing vessel, ductwork, fan system, mist eliminator, pumping; spend scrubbing liquid treatment and an exhaust stack to eliminate in accordance to the environmental standards. Further, Surplus air pollution equipment is available on the request.

Principal aspects of our Sulfuric acid scrubber:

  • Best fitted in the small space, thanks to compact design
  • Required less energy for the elimination hence low cost
  • The simple configuration enables smooth operation
  • HDPE/FRP MOC imparts considerable strength and long life
  • All the parts are in accordance to ISO 9001:2008
  • Excellent performance under high temperature and high pressure
  • Best against corrosion and hence free of rust all through

For us Customers take center stage and therefore we provide customization:

To provide customer satisfaction is our objective, and that is demonstrated by our endeavors to achieve thereof abreast quality. We manufacturer of the sulfuric acid scrubber understand the manifold requirements of the every industry and therefore provide customized range, combining our experience in applications and knowledge with your ideas. Customers looking for a customized sulfuric acid scrubber system / air pollution control, chemical process equipment are requested to provide the below mentioned parameters, which are decisive to outline customized wet scrubber system:

  • The pollutant need to deal with
  • Required efficiency of the removal
  • The flow rate of the waste stream
  • Temperature of the waste stream
  • Concentration of pollutants in the waste stream

Note: We sulfuric acid scrubber/ chemical process equipment manufacturer hold massive years of experience and capabilities to engineer a wet scrubber system that efficiently meets your requirements. We can provide this scrubber in variegated designs and a full range of sizes as well. Our scrubbers can be supplied in FRP, HDPE or PP/FRP material.

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