We manufacturer, supplier and exporter of the wet scrubber are celebrated in the industries for introducing the cost effective and efficient solution that removes acidic fume laden air coming out of various industrial processes. As this wet scrubber system is used to process the industrial chemicals it has gained notable popularity as the chemical processing equipment as well as industrial process equipment.

Industrialization needless to say is considerably being harmful for the environment and human health and therefore decisive steps against controlling the pollution is crucial. In order to resolve the alarming issue of the air pollution, we have developed high quality industrial scrubber system that is powerful to purify exhausting air stream of the industries, which is also renowned as wet scrubber in the market.


The inventive design and adherence to the quality regulation set by government embodies makes the end product outperforming its objective that is to purify air by removing the pollutants in form of fume or particulate ahead of releasing in the air and thus controlling air pollution. The serious pollutants found in the industrial exhaust streams are HCL, cl2, BR2, NH3, SO2, H2S, NOX, etc and knowing the nature of this corrosive chemicals, we manufacturer of the wet scrubber system have used high quality FRP/HDPE polymers as the material of construction in order to impart significant withstand capability against the corrosive nature of the chemicals as well as the sturdiness to perform under the harsh environmental context unfailingly for the years. The adequate caution towards the quality and precision during the engineering enable us to deliver the elite quality range of the wet scrubber system or can say industrial process equipment and chemical process equipment that leads in the market for the exhibiting outstanding efficiency in removing the fume or particulate thus helping industries to effectively address with an everlasting issue of the air pollution.

The provided wet scrubber is available in different configuration as per the end user requirements, wherein the configuration is achieved through top of the line technology. The common parts incorporated in the offered wet scrubber are scrubbing vessel, ductwork, fan system, mist eliminator, pumping, spend scrubbing liquid treatment and an exhaust stack, engineered from FRP/HDPE material in synchronization with the set quality standards and tested ahead of shipping to ensure its impeccability. The lightweight and simple design ensures easy installation abreast maintenance.

Principal aspects of our wet scrubber:

  • The simple and ingenious design requires less space
  • Excellent against high temperatures
  • Effectively removes pollutants in the form of fume and particulate
  • The FRP/HDPE material imparts considerable strength
  • Good withstand capability against corrosion
  • Minimal fire and explosion possibilities
  • Potent to remove all types of chemicals effectively
  • Excellent pressure withstand capability

For us Customers take center stage and therefore we provide customization:

We manufacturer of the wet FRP scrubber system are delighted to provide a scrubber system to their likings at cost effective rates that addresses all the requirements of the end user efficaciously. We work closely with each of our customers to determine the suitable technology to use depending on their process and the application. Customers looking for a customized industrial scrubber system are requested to provide the below mentioned parameters, which are decisive to outline customized wet scrubber system:

  • The pollutant need to deal with
  • Required efficiency of the removal
  • The flow rate of the exhaust stream
  • Temperature of the context
  • Concentration of pollutants

Note: We venturi scrubber manufacturer hold massive years of experience and capabilities to engineer a wet scrubber system that efficiently meets your requirements. We can provide this scrubber in variegated designs and a full range of sizes as well. Our scrubbers can be supplied in FRP, HDPE or PP/FRP material.

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