Omkar Composite Pvt. Ltd. is an air pollution control (wet scrubber) and chemical process equipment manufacturer, supplier and exporter headquartered in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, introducing a groundbreaking approach to address air pollution caused by industrialization. The organization is specialized in engineering, supply and construction of the air pollution control system (scrubber system) featuring wet technologies. Drawing on an extensive and flourishing track record in different gas (HCL, cl2, BR2, NH3, SO2, H2S, & NOX etc) cleanup, the organization commands the adroitness and prowess to deliver cost effective and high efficiency air pollution control solutions.

Our tech savvy team of professionals holds 20+ years of experience who designs exclusive technical solutions based on customer specific challenges. Further, the scrubber system are manufactured individually and customized to the requirements of customers. The technological diversity of our every scrubber system and a comprehensive and versatile production program ensure the appropriate solution for each process and ideal separation outcome. Today, the organization is working with thousands of industries and making consistent efforts to deliver an exclusive range of the scrubbers that ensures maximum workplace safety, clean air, operating safety and environmental protection.

India is in top 20 for poor air quality

India ranks thirteen on the list of countries with the highest air pollution. Scrubber system is the solution to this problem

Air pollution from industrial activity isnt just an environmental concernits being a chief public health problem, too.

According to the WHO (World Health Organization) the average concentration of PM 2.5 particles in the India cities is 60.6 micrograms per cubic meter and Delhi is in a league of its own.

There are many ways to measure the air pollution, however PM 2.5 is used by the WHO to measure the level of air pollution is a key indicator, wherein PM stands for particulate matter the most harmful classes of airborne pollutants, and the 2.5 indicates 2.5 microns in diameter or approximate size of a single bacterium.

The level higher than 35 micrograms per cubic meter of air is dangerous and can lead major health problem, stated by WHO, whereas the recommended PM 2.5 levels by WHO is 10 micrograms per cubic meter, which is far lower than the level the India holds, that is 60.6 micrograms per cubic meter!! Such an alarming level of the pollution is dangerous as it can get lodged in the lungs and cause long term health issues like asthma and chronic lung disease.

While China, Iran, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Qatar, UAE and Bahrain are leading all the way for having most toxic air in the world.

The importance of scrubber in Pollution Controlling

Scrubbers are ingeniously designed pollution control equipment that helps removing pollutants from industrial exhaust streams, wherein liquid spray technology is used to eliminate unwanted pollutant from the gas stream. These scrubbers principally available in two types, first is wet FRP scrubber, whose function is to clean dust particles that an industry releases into the air by adding more water into these waste gases which ultimately results in the visible style of a plume. This wet scrubber also uses chemically based liquids or a combination of both, based on the requirement. On the other side, dry exhaust gas scrubber uses dry reagents instead of water to eliminate the pollutants from the exhaust stream. Despite of different technological approach implemented, both scrubber and chemical process equipment manufacturer have the same objective that is to eliminate pollutants from the air stream and help controlling air pollution.

Why Indian industries require Scrubber System?

We are India’s leading manufacturer of the scrubber system, has gained immense popularity in the Indian market for the revolutionary alternative introduced to address with the ever ending issue of the air pollution, caused by the industrialization. There is no doubt that industrialization has set a sacrosanct place in the Indian economy, but the byproduct of this industrialization has raised the air pollution at an alarming rate, that has affected the economies and quality of human life, apparent from the report that delineates none of the 168 cities assessed complied with the air quality regulation outlined by the WHO and that is the reason 92% of the Indians breathes in air that breaches the WHO constraints.

And more surprisingly, the number of deaths caused by air pollution is just fractions less than the number of deaths caused by tobacco consumption, spots to take serious measures against man produced air pollution for the betterment of the human health and the environment. The provided scrubber system is an outstanding solution to the air pollution caused by the industrialization and has proven its aptitude by delivering 100% pure air to the thousands of industries invested in the FRP scrubber system. This scrubber system is precisely engineered to eliminate pollutant from the industrial air exhaust stream in the form of fume, dust or particulate at once and make the air completely clean before releasing into the air. The robustness, cost efficiency, reliability and ability to perform flawlessly all through life attributes of scrubber system have made it the most reliable alternative to deal with air pollution in India; its considerable prominence in major cities reflects its triumph in India.

Why Scrubber System is Essential in industries?

Since the beginning of industrial and technological revolutions, economy has become the principal criteria for measuring the progress of the country, overlooking its negative impact on the environment, resulted in environmental devastation and the roots of this devastation is pollution, caused by the air pollutants released in air by industries associated with manufacturing, processing, transportation, consumption, etc. The fumes and gases released causes air pollution, while acidic gaseous oxides released by the factories are cause of the acid rain and this acid rain leads soil and water pollution too. Ultimately, industrialization is one of the principal causes of for the green house effect, global warming, and acid precipitation that need to be controlled for the better future.

In short, industrialization carries with it the seeds of environmental destruction, empowered by both needs and greed of man. Nevertheless, a man can prevent this destruction by installing fume scrubber system in the industry, they own and exhibits awareness towards the environment.

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How to select the right scrubber system for controlling air pollution?

The type of scrubber selected is based on several factors, incorporating gas temperature, type of the pollutants to be removed, the size of the pollutants, space available and efficiency required. However, knowing the particulate size is a salient point to select the right type of scrubber system. For larger particles, a Venturi scrubber is recommended, whereas for the particulates of 2.5 PM or smaller sized, high energy Venturi or wet scrubber system is the ideal selection.

Other than the size of the particulate, loading are decisive factors for the efficiency of the scrubber system. The higher loading potentially overload the equipments capacity to capture particulate, whereas lower loading potentially increase the chances that a particulate pass through without being eliminated. The common loading ranges between 0.2 to 0.6 grains per cubic foot, whereas 1 grain = 1/7,000 pound-mass. This collection efficiency radically drops off in case of very high loading or very low loading.

All the wet scrubbers perform at its best, if technology is selected based on the particulate size and the particulate loading rate. Venturi scrubbers are best for the coarse particulates (PM 10), high energy Venturi scrubber manufacturer for the particulates PM 2.5, whilst for micro particulates PM 0.01 WESPs is appropriate.

We understand the dilemma customers have in regard selection of the right scrubber system, and thereby our expert team is available 24/7 to help you select the perfect one, based on the area of application. Get a FREE Consultation Today..!

How scrubber system/air pollution control equipment work?

A scrubber is reckoned as  the pollution control device, used to remove harmful pollutants from industrial exhaust gases ahead of its release into the open air. The principle functionality of this wet scrubber system is to remove acidic gases that contribute to environmental destruction.

In a brief, when the FRP scrubber is integrated into the venting stream of the gases, a gas is funneled through a wet scrubber and sprayed with a wet substance. Typically, water is used to when dust and particulate matter is to be removed; however, chemicals are added to the water when gases are acidic in order to react with airborne pollutants.

In detail, as the wet scrubber manufacturer when it is placed in the exhaust stream of the gases, the exhaust gas moves through the scrubbing liquid, which thereafter passed through a chamber and the liquid is misted through the gas and the gas comes out without the pollutants that existed ahead of exposure to the scrubbing liquid. Scientifically, when the gas is sprayed with the fluid, the heavier pollutants in the exhaust stream are pulled out of the gas and attach to the liquid because of its chemical composition. As the gas is passed all the way through the cleaning mist, the pollutants are attracted to the mist and left behind.

The method of introducing scrubbing fluid to gases may vary application to application; the configuration of the scrubber remains same. A standard wet scrubber consists of ductwork and a fan system to compel gas through its chambers, whereas the pump and collection area for used scrubbing liquid is equipped bottom of the chamber where spraying takes place to bring the used fluid away from the cleaned gas. As the collected liquid holds pollutants, is harmful and therefore specialized disposal arrangement has introduced to take away.

Our scrubber systems are the only air pollution control devices which can eliminate both the particulates and gas in a single system. These scrubbers are mainly used in the chemical process equipment manufacturer to control the amount of pollution that generates during the processes. If you have any queries, or would like to request a quote, please call us or fill out a request a quote.

Types of Scrubber System

We are qualified to propose a broad assortment of wet scrubber system, exclusively configured to match your process requirements, considering all the major area of concerns during the evaluation of the size and type of scrubber system that is sterling for your application needs and in order to completely know your requirements and challenges you face, we deeply discuss with you ahead of commencing and strive hard to address it leveraging the experience and adeptness we hold.

The standard range of our wet scrubber system commonly incorporates scrubbing vessel, ductwork, fan system, mist remover, pumping, spent scrubbing liquid treatment and an exhaust stack, which all are conform to set industry standards and assured of optimum performance abreast longer service life, thanks to the uncompromising approach our professionals when it comes to quality and performance.

Industries utilizing our Scrubber System

  • Asphalt Manufacturing
  • Cement Manufacturing
  • Chemical Product Manufacturing
  • Food Manufacturing
  • Metal Planting
  • Paint Manufacturing
  • Pulp & Paper Manufacturing
  • Petrochemical Manufacturing
  • Petroleum Refining
  • Acid Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
  • Biotechnology
  • Plastic manufacturing
  • Rubber manufacturing
  • Metal Manufacturing
  • Mining & Quarrying
  • Automotive Manufacturing
  • Detergent Manufacturing
  • Potash Manufacturing
  • Fertilizers Manufacturin

Why OMKAR for Scrubber System

Environmental control is a complex deal, even for the experienced engineers.

We are the one guarantee to effectively deal your problems, as we clarify your requirements based on your processes, local regulations and production. Things we consider ahead of engineering are:

  • Your processes
  • Local and national environmental regulation
  • Disposal requirements
  • Material processes
  • Space restriction
  • By products produced
  • Upgrading existing facilities or
  • Engineering new facility
  • Financial factors and costs (e.g. economic life, interest rate, unit costs, etc.)
  • Size of plant,
  • Capacity factor
  • Reagent type and usage rate,
  • Byproduct type and production rate,
  • Electrical power usage
  • Water type and usage rate
  • Waste water production rate and permit issues
  • Steam requirement (if required)
  • Cooling water usage (if required)

That facilitates us a clear view of your requirement, and by means of experience engineers and facility managers that know their industry, facility and processes inside out, we propose a solution that is effective in controlling environmental pollution at the best.

Qualities that makes us TOP Scrubber Manufacturer


We constantly work on reducing air pollution and complying with stringent environmental standards

Quality and Reliability

Excellent designing, engineering, assurance, control, continues improvement for the highest process equipment uptime

Flawless project execution

Well planned project design and pinpoint accuracy in executing thereof to deliver the seamless performance experience

Innovative Technology

Untiring approach towards technological advancement that ultimately helps delivering optimal and innovative customer solution

Operational Excellence

We are being world class, being the best globally by striving for excellence in everything we do

Promises that Omkar makes

We will provide efficient solution to clean dust, mist, fumes, particulates from industries, making them safe and more productive.

We will ship the ordered gamut in an outlined time frame still giving the customer what they want.

We will be the customer friendly and after sales friendly organization in the fume and particulate collection industries.

We will make the best FRP scrubber system in the business from an end user operation and maintenance viewpoint.

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